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Who we do work for:

  1. National, regional, and local government

  2. Police and those working in the security sector

  3. Universities, research institutions, and think-tanks

  4. Schools and educational establishments

  5. Media and communications professionals

  6. Film and documentary makers

  7. Businesses

  8. Religious institutions

CENTRI delivers evidence-based counter-extremism solutions. We specialise in issues related to Islam, faith, extremism, cultural diversity, and integration.

What we do:

  1. Assist policy makers and policy implementers

  2. Provide specialist advice

  3. Provide training

  4. Conduct research

  5. Deliver interventions

  6. Facilitate operational practice

  7. Engage in faith-related dialogue

Please contact us to discuss how we could help you.

We work with other individuals and organisations to facilitate effective project delivery:

  1. Leading theological thinkers

  2. Academics

  3. Researchers

  4. Former Islamists

  5. Prevent practitioners and interventionists