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'Reality Check; The Party’s not Over.''Reality Check; The Party’s not Over.' - Foreign Policy 22 December 2009

'Why I was not surprised about the Christmas Day bomber's UK links.' - The Observer 3 Jan 2010

'UK Muslim TV channel linked to al-Qaida cleric al-Awlaki.' - The Observer 10 Jan 2010

'Stormtrooper Satirists take on the jihadists.' - Times online 17 Jan 2010

'Speaker with extremist links to address Detroit bomber's former student group.' - The Telegraph 18 Jan 2010

'How should we tackle extremism in the young?' - BBC One: The One Show 18 Jan 2010

'Controversial academic tells Birmingham students: I'm no Jew hater.' - Birmingham Mail 21 Jan 2010

'Detoxifying Islamists.' - Lecture to Middle East Forum 27 Jan 2010

'Ministers Slammed for Speaking at Meeting with Muslim who justified killing British Troops.' Daily Mail 31 Jan 2010

'Hizb ut-Tahrir Banned from Westminster University.' - Standpoint 12 Feb 2010

'One Caliph to Rule Them All.' - Unity, the blog of Sheikh Usama Hassan 26 Feb 2010

'Sunday.' - BBC Radio 4 28 Feb 2010

'Britain's Islamic Republic.' - Channel 4: Dispatches 1 March 2010

'Sheikh issues fatwa against all terrorists.' - The Independent 3 March 2010

'Why the latest fatwa condemning terrorism is a positive step forward.' - Independent Minds 3 March 2010

'Do we misunderstand Islam?' - BBC One: The Big Questions 7 March 2010


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