Our clients include:

  1. Various police forces

  2. Housing associations

  3. DCLG

  4. OSCT

  5. Faith groups



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PVE Training

We have a range of training courses which can be assembled to your requirements from a selection of modules.

Our training is the most versatile and comprehensive available.

We have also developed bespoke training packages for mainstream service providers to facilitate their delivery of Prevent.

Please contact us to discuss how we could help you.

A unique skill-set

The depth and breadth of our staff’s understanding is unique in the area.

Coupled with our long-standing involvement in Prevent, our combined experience in theology and social sciences, and personal experiences of extremism give us an unrivaled ability to discuss the many aspects of extremism and answer participants’ questions related to the subject.      

Also unique is our ability to offer a woman’s perspective on extremism, with a module specifically about women  and extremism delivered by a female former member of an extremist group.

Modules and options

Training modules available include:

  1. Muslims in the UK

  2. Cultural diversity among Muslims

  3. Islam and Islamism

  4. Violent extremism

  5. Recruitment to violent extremism

  6. Far-right extremism

  7. Women and extremism

Other modules are available.